Lusis s'engage avec Mécénat conseil pour le plus grand Musée de France

LUSIS et son Directeur Général, Philippe Préval, s’engagent aux côtés de la Sauvegarde de l’Art Français et de la Junior Entreprise de l’Ecole du Louvre pour porter le projet Agissons pour le grand Musée de France.

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LUSIS is involved in the acquisition of national treasures.

In 2003, LUSIS acquired the Delacroix « Pyrenees Album » declared a « National Treasure » for the Louvre Museum. This work is presented to the public at the Louvre as part of an exhibition devoted to Delacroix inaugurated on April 7, 2004.

This is a book of drawings created by Eugène Delacroix during his stay at the pyrenean spa in « Les Eaux-Bonnes » in the summer of 1845.
This album contains the essence of the artist’s work during his stay and brings together elements of great importance during an unknown period of his life, due to the interruption of his diary and the rarity of his correspondence.
It contains numerous watercolors of exceptional aesthetic quality, including representations of landscapes of the Pyrenees, treated in an inspired manner and with great accuracy in the touch, which suggest the fascination of the painter with nature’s majesty. This entire work has an extraordinary freshness and is in a remarkable state of preservation with no missing sheets.


2007 : the engine-turn lathe (« Tour à Guillocher ») of Count d´Artois, declared a « National Treasure », has been returned to the Chateau de Versailles after 200 years absence thanks to the patronage of LUSIS.

tour1_small.jpg (11 270 bytes)Invented by the laborer Guillot and executed by Antoine Wolff in 1773, the engine-turn lathe had been delivered to Versailles castle for the Count d’Artois, brother of Louis XVI and the future Charles X. A type of large machine nearly a meter high, equipped with pedals and a set of cams, the lathe could draw curves to adorn watch boxes and gold coins as well as manufacture and refine locks and keys.


2008 : LUSIS donation to the Versailles Castle through the « Société Des Amis de Versailles ».

Pot à jus, SEVRES 1784, painted by Bouillat from the service « riche en couleur et riche en or », offered by Louis XVI to Marie Antoinette.

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